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10 Questions to Ask Yourself

What do I really want?

This question often is difficult to answer right off the bat, but, what do you want out of life? Success? Wealth? Happiness? Joy? often at the most fundamental level 'what we want' is very simple and is very human.

Should I really change?

We have no choice, we change all the time, perhaps the question should be 'what if I change what would I get?'. Change is inevitable, and when we are in charge of the change, and have a concious and unconcious contribution to the change, we can direct our lives much more powerfully.

Whats the benefit to me?

Depending on the area you are changing, the benefit will be different. And a benfit enhanced is a new level to work from, building day by day the benefits, and results.

Am I comfortable where I am in life?

Is there any area that is not 100% perfect? of course there is, but what if you're happy, comfortable with the status quo? then that is a choice for you to make, if you're not, then do something about it.

Have I done enough for MySelf?

Take a moment and take some time to reconnect with who you really are, meditation is a wonderfully easy thing to learn, in fact in those moments before sleep, we are in a state where the days worries are put aside and we just do, we just are...

What if anything needs to change to make my life better?

Pick something that needs to improve, create a list of 12 things you can do now that would make a change, then pick out 6 of those, then 3 from the six. Which one of the three is most compelling? what steps can you take now to move forward?

What are the limitations to me having all I want?

Have you or someone else convinced you that you cannot do what you really want to do? Put the belief aside for a second, what would happen iof you did go for it?

What Motivates me?

Think of times when you were motivated, notice what thats like each time. which is it? A feeling? Internal Dialogue? Pictures? which gets your motor running?

What really makes me tick?

Who are you really? Honestly? think for a few moments on what makes you do what you do? How do you know thats true? if its external, i.e. because my boss says so, then think again.


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