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A Life to Dream for

By adjusting your focus the impossible can become possible, many had thought it was not possible, and then crack on and get it done.

Science had proven that the bumblebee cannot fly, its wings are not big enough, cannot produce lift blah blah blah.... The good thing is nobody told the bumble be and they fly to their hearts content.

What words do you use when thinking of the now possiblt things you can do that previously were impossible?

Did someone else say you cant do something? or did you convince yourself by not doing it?

Self doubt and self limiting beliefs are just that, self limiting. Take a moment and pick one of those beliefs, imagine the opposite to be true, now how can you tell what the difference is, notice what you notice, how does each feel?

Its a choice now, which feeling do you want more of? which unsupportive beliefs do you want to be rid of?

Learn how to set goals, or get a coach, and begin to rid yourself of the past anmd design a future today, here, now...

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