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10 Simple Ways to Take Control

 Take Care of Yourself

Pretty obvious right? and how many of us choose to eat the best foods for us that we can? Your body is your vessel to journey lifes highways it has been said, so take time and begine to notice what you used to choose to eat and make some better choices.

Take some exercise everyday, even if its to walk to the shops instead of using the car, build up day to day to become fitter and stronger.

 Gratitute Every Morning

Start every morning with 5 minutes of feeling grateful for what you have, no matter what situation you find yourself in, thee are always things to be grateful for, each new day, each new opportunity, family, friends perhaps.

Notice that when you feel gratitute, the world becomes a different place.

Stop assuming, start knowing

Stop making assumptions about things, what people think, why others do what they do, and begin to double check your thoughts.

For example when interacting with others, and their mood or attitude is not condusive to a good interaction then assuming why they are feeling that way could be well off the mark, and therefore your behaviour may be way of the mark of what is needed to be effective.

Assume = ass u me = To assume makes an ass out of you and me! 

 Avoid the use of Generalisations

The human brain loves making associations with things it already knows, however it generalises, and delete much of the information it receives on a minute by miunute basis. Generalisations like Never, All, Every, Always, just lead to thinking a situation is worse than it really is.

So notice how you talk to yourself, what language patterns do you use?

 Detach from unsupportive (negative) thoughts

Begin to become aware of any unsupportive, some call negative, thoughts affect your day to day life, and when you notice one  take a step outside yourself and look at it from a new perspective, realising that the only power they had, has gone and a new clarity on the thought comes through.

Tread on the Automatic Negative Thoughts or ANTS!

Dr Daniel Amen in his book "change your brain, change your life" talks about Automatice Negative Thoughts or ANT's.

An example would have been, 'they are laughing, it must be about me' or 'my manager wants to see me, it must be bad'

begin to reporgram yourself, by stamping on the ANT's, and taking the generalised assumptiVolunteer, help your communityons out of things.

 Practice Loving, Touching, Squeezing

Obviously I am not suggesting you run out and start grabbing people in the street, however, you do not need to be an expert to know hugs, and physical contact feel really good, and is an instant pick me up.

A research study noticed that a waitress who touched the customer gently on the arm as she handed them the bill, received more in the way of tips than when she did not.

So love your family and freinds in an appropriate way, and notice how they respond to you.

 Get out and About

Increase your social activity,  and in doing so you decrease any sense of lonelioness, or seperation from others, choose activities that you enjoy, be it walking, jogging, painting or whatever, and surround yourself with like minded people, their energy will spread.

 Volunteer, help your community

Everyone feels good once after helpoing someone else, carrying an old lady's bags for her, helping someone to cross the road, just listening with the intention of hearing what someone has to say are free, easy and available to all.

Volunteer what ever you can, the more positive energy and influence you put out into the world, the universe will put more back into you.

 Finally, learn to use 'Pattern Interupts'

Sometimes you may have found yourself revivifying a past unsupportive experience and its feelings, at this point become aware and thik and do something else, jump up and do a star jump, shout 'no more', what ever it takes.

The more you do this, the more things will have changed already.


To learn more about how to use your thoughts to get things done, contact us for a coaching session or come along to one of our trainings where you can begin to do what we do!

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