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10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Many people go through life slightly confused about who they really are, what their purpose is during their life, and never quite realise they can do anything they want if they choose to.

They say you cant teach old dogs new tricks, which has been proven to be wrong, so think for a moment what things are you sayiong to yourself that are holding you back.

I do enjoy the expressions on clients faces when they are asked 'what if you could', or 'what if you had done that'. Priceless.

So here are some things to ask yourself honestly:

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A Life to Dream for

Even the word impossibilty has possibility inside it!

 We have all had dreams of what we want or to be in life, pop star, footballer, sprinter, rich, successful, powerful, or whatever it was, and these are now just dreams stored in the attic of our minds.

We get caught up in the dy to day humdrum of modern living, 'earning' a living instead of living a life we deserve and can achieve if we had the time.

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10 Simple Ways to Take Control

What is in control of your life?

Are there unsupportive thoughts popping into your mind as you travel each day?

Do you run out of time, and just do not seem to get done what needs to be done?

Now, here are a ten ways you can use to improve your life NOW!

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