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Momen Moments - The Awakening

I feel we must now have “The Awakening”,

We must realise every successful harvest, to be inherited in our children’s futures, where we are long forgotten and turned to dust, can only be inherited from the seeds we have planted in the life and times of our seasons today. With our humanity, compassion, love for ourselves and each other and love for Mother Earth.

I choose my legacy to achieve the greatest inheritance of many successful harvests. I believe many choose the same legacy but more need to join us in our thinking & actions & in the fulfilment of this achievement. The greatest thinkers, philosophers, anthropologists, scientists were way ahead of their life & times by seeking this same fulfilment; Michelangelo, Einstein, Ghandi, Martin L. King, Mother Teresa and yes, even Micheal Jackson...

They lived so that we could follow their examples but we have run out of time by waiting to follow. I feel we must now lead, finding as much personal leadership within us, as we can, every one of us, towards finding, making & fulfilling every successful harvest that can be inherited. Failure is not an option, not while we live.

Hear this you children of today, especially you children of the 50s, 60s & 70s – on us, I do believe, does fall, the greatest responsibility!

From my heart & every fibre of my body, mind & soul, from the essential basis of my DNA & all of me at a cellular level, from the roots of my ancestors and the one source from where I originate... This is my living philosophy.

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