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Momen Moments - Live Your Dreams

While the REAL 'present' is tomorrow
The day after tomorrow and the day after that...

It's your future waiting to be realised, my friend.
Resting in your heart and in your soul
Like a 'present' expecting to be opened
Like your souls future waiting for you to walk into

Know your tomorrow is a pure surprise
Designed to be whatever you wish...
Just, keep drumming my friend
Just keep dreaming your desires
Just keep meditating and vibrating and singing
Your hearts deepest truth with your third eye

Experiencing your dreams tomorrow as if it is today
Lighting up the fire that brings your soul alive
Feeling the universal dancing rhythms in your tune
As you attract to your door the 'present' & surprise
Making all your desires for all your tomorrows realised

Living your expectation of tomorrow’s your today, here and now
Honouring your heart’s deep desire you most dream to wish
What, where from and how that dream wish comes?
In your tomorrow... no one knows...
And that my dear friend is how the deep universal magic goes...

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