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Momen Moments - A Young Man

I saw his disappointment and my heart grew sad. So I paused. I stopped the rushing around in my head and just went into my heart. I felt the environment around us as I looked at him again and said:

“Listen, thank you for breathing with me… For sharing your soul and living the difference you are making today. For everything you are planning to make in your tomorrow and for aspiring to be what you can be. For having the enthusiasm and courage to find the best version of you, not everyone does this, and for your generous and kind compliments”

And then I paused and looked deeper into his eyes. “Now, my friend,” I said…

“What advice can I give you when you are just perfect just as you are? You are a vibration of the purest energy, sent from the other side of activity beyond infinity. When you speak with this vibration, from your essential source within your hearts ever living soul, other souls will resonate with you like a symphony and you and they will dance together.

I just wish I had known this as a young man my friend, that I was perfection in design, back then, just like I am telling you right now, remember this. For it has taken me a lifetime to get to the ‘I’, I am today, to speak my simple message of the ‘Heart’ to so many people and to give my living gift to the world with my love in everything I do.

Do not lose as many seasons, so many summers, autumns, winters & spring days that I have lost and will never regained, again, before you realise you are perfection in design right in this living moment.

And then just go into your heart and let your heart speak for you. That is all you need to do to release the purest vibrations from your heart and the most beautiful gift in the world; your hearts pure voice…. Does that help my friend? For this is my living philosophy, the way I live my life and my advice to you, from my heart, always”

The young man was stunned for I had stripped him bare of all his excuses and I could see he felt my words….

Later that day he got up on stage and he spoke to the world from the purest vibrations of his heart, to the standing ovation of the whole crowd and later that afternoon he came to me and cried his heart out for the sheer release this gave him. I held him and he hugged me tightly. It was beautiful. This is what living is about!

With love and beyond this just more love, from my heart, always… Mahboob

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