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Momen Moments - Love is Everything

Put love into the things you do. They will be astounded by the quality of the energy your work vibrates and speak to them.

Put love into the way you tell someone off, on those occasions when you really have to. They will feel your honesty and integrity and they will grow a new and profound respect for you.

Put love into the way you work with people. They will hear you more, see you more and feel your presence as a person of incredible substance.

Put love even into the way you cook food for your friends, family or colleagues, even if it is a cup of tea. They will taste your love and the quality of goodness you give to the world.

Put love into everything you do.

It is not easy to do this if you are not used to doing this but achieving this just means getting used to it. Just as this simple truth, if you live with love in everything you do, naturally doing anything else is just unnatural to do.

Love is everything. Love is the LAW of the universe, from the active side of infinity, from the one source, in the land where dreams begin!

This is my living philosophy from my heart always

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