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Momen Moments - Miracles Happen

So we have watered his, yes, chased him, fought for him to get the support he needed at school and protected him from an environment that told him he could only fail. We hid our anxieties for they were only our anxieties not his. We knew our voice was the most significant voice in his life. Even when they tried to stop him from applying to University because they did not want him to be disappointed, we told him keep going son To We said, just listen to our love and believe in your birth-right to do anything you can dream of And we fought for his rights to apply to University... He needed 240 UCAS points

He got 300!!! with A's & B's and A+ Distinctions when they had written him off as only being able to get 140 UCAS points. We have also had the kind support of some brilliant teachers who agreed with us and supported Kalim. They said, if he is willing to put the effort in we will support him right to the end And they did

There has been many battles we have fought with Kalim to protect his birth-right and his personal freedom to live his life the way he wants to - JUST to get to this significant 'Stepping Stone' But it is only a 'Stepping Stone' One of many he will have to fight to get too! But we will be there for him and I can now see the day when he will stop fighting to get to where he wants to go and start dancing with his life I can literally see him dancing with his soul.

Miracles truly are the reality that you make. With the power of a significant voice behind you, supporting you, encouraging you, constantly watering you there is nothing you cannot do IF you apply the total commitment of your soul and the deep driving desire from your heart. For as I have always said, when you want a dream so badly, like Kalim, you do not have to chase your dreams, your dreams chase you. This is my living philosophy from my heart, always

But I have to say, we are also so very relieved Parent!!! We could always see the light at the end of the tunnel but we never knew if it was the light or the light of another train coming to run us over again. We have had many, many, of those... But we just picked ourselves up and we kept going!

Our son has reached the light, despite falling on his face so many times, and he is now BlueSkyDreaming - Ha!

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