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Momen Moment - A new year


May we continually bless and be blessed as we bless in our thoughts all the loved one's we may have lost. To have them in our hearts always. Remembering only the good and letting go of the bad for this only honors them as it honors us

And may we be thankful for all the loved one's we have left Giving them all our love, the best we can, the best we know how realizing the best for them as we realize the best for ourselves

And may we have the best years of our lives, living, finding and giving more of the naturally amazing us and all our talents and abilities this year more than we did last year.

For as we do this we get experienced at simply releasing all our natural talents and abilities even more, greater than before

And may we stop being so hard on ourselves and just be more kind to us (inside and out)

Forgiving those who have trespassed against just as we forgive ourselves and do better next time

Forgiveness only helps us fulfill and grow more

And may we understand and realize more all those good intentions that we have inside of us giving birth to our reflections, in the television of our now and future, more and more easily than before!

And may we live our lives this year, with more satisfaction than the last, experiencing more of all the simply incredible treasures of this earth, even more than we did before and especially love. Having, feeling, giving love

For when we have love we have peace in your heart

And when we have peace in our hearts we just simply find ourselves growing more peace on earth with more love

Just by being more naturally the amazing us more of the time than not! You know what I am saying!!!

This is just one of my prayers, from my heart, on this New Year’s day

For All my friends and Everyone on this earth

Living my living philosophies on earth and naturally making the best contribution I can with everything I’ve got

With Love, always!

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