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The Last Mahboob Moment

Today IS the DAY

To all you beautiful friends, I must say, I begin the journey today, of writing my book.

Long has this waited and many voices, over many seasons, have asked me, many times, to write. And I have asked them what should I write? And they said your words Mahboob, we want your words and the wisdom they hold.

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Momen Moment - Intention

Intention into reality requires a mixture of actions soft and hard, just in the right measure, applied with integrity, with constant meditative focus, no fear and clear from your heart that you are acting from your truth.


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Momen Moments - Love is Everything

Love is everything.

Love is the LAW….. If you put your love into everything you do we will find that love surrounds your life in every way, shape or form.

So put love into the way you speak to people. They will feel your compassion and humanity and they will connect with you more.

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Momen Moments - You are the Light

I said to a friend, remember you are the light. From a cellular level you are literally born to shine. You just cannot, not shine! This light from your soul shines your intention.

Give your light to everyone. Shine out to humanity.

Just as you hold up your light to the world you shine to universes beyond your understanding just as they reflect their lights back to you. You are connected.

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Momen Moment - A new year

To All my friends and the AMAZING YOU, inside and out

Happy New Year to ALL and to EVERYONE in this Universe.

May there be more growing peace, good will, love and wealth (360 degrees) on earth, as it is in heaven and as it is designed to be naturally written in our lives by the creator of all things

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Momen Moments - A Young Man

A young man came up to me at a conference and said “Tell me your story. I want to know everything, for you are amazing!! How did you learn to speak from your heart like that and how can I learn to speak like you??”

I looked at him for a while and said, “That’s a big question? I don’t know if I have the time to answer you right now as I’ve got to run and do an interview with Marius”

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Momen Moments - One Tribe

I dream one day soon we will all live in harmony, as The One Tribe, celebrating our differences as much as our similarities.

Like the many branches from the one tree, we find collectively presenting our consciousness is as easy as swaying in the wind together.

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Momen Moments - Miracles Happen

My Son Kalim has got into Buck New University to do a Degree in Animation. The miracle is we have been Parent who have held their breath for 18 years waiting for this reality to happen

You see Kalim was diagnosed with a severe case of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (a kind of Autism). We were told he would never get beyond an F in any subject. I told my wife (now my ex wife) not to believe them To believe our love for our son instead .

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Momen Moments - Take No Offence

Take no offence or do this as LITTLE as possible? Taking offence only limits your personal freedom. It’s ONLY what you think it is – it’s NOT what you think!

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Momen Moments - The Awakening

From my heart as I live today I feel I must say this...

With every dawn awakens within me deeper hearts realisations, how; I borrow this earth from our children & their futures. With every sun drenched blue sky reminds me, quietly; we’ve drunk from many cups filled with abundance overflowing from many unknown springs. With every incredible sunsets, my soul hears yearnings, from many cultures, for a new dawn, for a new way; and from this a deeper desire for our spiritual awakening as one tribe.

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Momen Moments - Trojan Horse

I said to a friend The Trojan Horse worked to destroy love. I use the Trojan Horse to heal with love. They don't know what I do... They don't need to know how I heal. I just heal with love and let the healing show them....

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Momen Moments - Live Your Dreams

I said to a friend.... Live your dreams for tomorrow as if they are today. This is my living Philosophy

Today is not the 'present'
It is the culmination of all of your yesterdays
You are just experiencing all of this today
You can choose to have more of this...
Or you can decide to change and change again

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