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Business Stress & Anxiety

Statistically, each stress related absence lasts 29 working days.

This means that work related stress is the biggest cause of lost working days because of occupational injury and ill health. Not to mention lost performance for those who stay and suffer.

 The latest estimates show:

  • A total in excess of 428,000 of work related stress in 2011/12
  • 40% of all work place illness
  • work pressure, lack of managerial support,violence and bullying were the main contributing factors

We provide the tools neccessary to teach individuals, groups and managers how to spot, deal and illiminate as far as possible stress in the workplace.

Benefits for Management

  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Less intention to leave, so improving staff retention
  • Better absence management due to less days lost
  • Fewer days lost to sickness and absenteeism
  • Fewer accidents at work
  • Improved work performance and quality
  • Improved organisational image and reputation

Benefits for the individual

  • People feel more motivated and committed to their work
  • Morale is high
  • People work more effectively and perform better – increasing their self confidence
  • People feel that they are part of a team and the decision-making process
  • Relationships between managers, teams and individuals are improved
  • People are happy at their workplace andtake pride in where they are
  • Participants recognise that the compamy is investing in their future directly
  • Managers can outwardly show their obligation of duty of care is being met
  • Managers demonstrate excellent management skills helping their career development.

Economic benefits

  • Complaince with current Legislation
  • Lower risks of litigation and expensive court cases
  • Improved return on investment in training and development
  • Improved relationships with the workforce
  • Improved customer care and relationships with clients and suppliers
  • Reduced costs of sick pay, sickness cover, overtime and recruitment
  • Better staff understanding of others experiencing problems

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