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Norman Hinks

Norman Hinks

NHI/NLP Trainer
Ad. Hypnotherapist
Coach & Mentor
Eric Moore

Eric Moore

NHI/NLP Trainer
Wellness Coach
Master Hypnotherapist

What is NHI? Natural Human Intelligence, Its Built In!

NHI, Natural Human Intelligence is a term used by its creator, the late Mahboob Momen.

The ongoing development is continued by Norman Hinks and Eric Moore.

Mahboob was an apprentice of Richard Bandler, and dedicated his life to understanding how successful people become successful and how some people access more abundance than others.

He trained in many aspects of human development creating NHI as a culmination of all he had learned, taking older technologies forward and developing a method by which the in built intelligence humans have is used to provide rapid change, and create new ways of thinking, to be more successful, achieve more, and have more freedom in their lives.

A collection of his thoughts and philosophies can be found on Momen Moments.

NHI will help you to be more balanced in your life, with both sides of your brain working together harmoniously.
Whether its your personal or business life we will help you to harness and become more aware of your in built Natural Human Intelligence.

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